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  SuperMaxx™ Transmission Gears For Traxxas T-Maxx:
SuperMaxx Forward Only Transmission Gears
The Secret is out - Unlimited is now making gears for your T-Maxx transmission. These are made with the same high quality and superior engineering and extensive testing as our other products. The first kit out the gate will be a forward only conversion.

Solutions to a number of issues:

  • Eliminating the stock engagement system removes the shock loads that are pounded into the system every time the transmission engages.
  • A 10mm wide tooth face giving 65% more tooth than the stock gear
  • Improved material for higher rigidity and better lubricity for longer life and less drag.
  • A hardened steel primary shaft eliminates the galling that's common with the stock shaft where the one way bearing rides
  • A large increase in the diameter of the shafts give far more rigidity eliminating shaft flexure the leading cause of gear failure.

First off it's a matched pair of 10mm wide tooth face gears replacing the forward primary and forward output gears. The gear faces are 10mm width, the stock ones are 6mm. The material is a stronger more stabile plastic with higher lubricity than the standard nylon gears. These gears are more than strong enough to withstand the horsepower of even the strongest engines on the market today.

Then we have created a beefy pair of shafts replacing primary and output shafts. Both are tapered 8mm hardened steel shafts totally eliminating shaft flexure (one of the main reasons the transmission is failing). Under a heavy load the gears will try to push themselves apart. The stock 5mm shafts are just not strong enough to resist this pressure and maintain the necessary gear mesh. The stock primary is failing in the area under the one way bearing. The shaft is just not hard enough to withstand the clamping forces applied by today's high horsepower .21 engines. The SuperMaxx primary shaft is a hardened steel unit which will withstand this pressure without deforming.

The standard kit included both gears and shafts and lubricant. The front half of the housing needs a slight modification to accommodate the additional width of the gear faces, you can do with a dremmel (if you are careful) or you can buy a new modified housing from us.

SuperMaxx on the left. Stock on the right.
Notice the difference in tooth
thickness & shaft diameter.

What Is Removed.

This conversion will reduce the overall weight of your truck by ~100 grams!

News Update: - 10/16/01 I may not be able to supply the GE2 as I can't get cases from Traxxas.

I modified the design so I wouldn't need the modified case, and made a few protos. I hammered it as hard as I could this weekend. No problems.

The newly modified kit will be the GE3. The difference is that instead of 10mm tooth width it will be ~8mm, and it will not include or need the case mod.

We will still make the GE1 (which is the 10mm GE2 w/o the case). If you can supply a case I can mod it for you.

Pricing for GE1 & GE3 will be the same.

We are so confident that this is a bulletproof solution to the transmission problem we will extend our standard warrantee a little further. If you break it we will replace it under all but the following conditions.
  1. Bearing failure - if you run it with failed bearings the gear mesh can't be held and the gears will self destruct.
  2. Contamination - any abrasive contaminate - self explanatory. Both of these are easily detectable by us. Even under these conditions you are still eligible for our "severe abuse" policy.
  3. Improper use or assembly. Damage from debris not of manufacture by Unlimited Engineering.
All warrantee claims must be the complete transmission. May not be cleaned or have debris removed. I must see it as it failed to be eligible for replacement warrantee. Why? Because if I'm going to pay to replace it I need to see how and why it failed to I can improve the product if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why didn't you make metal gears
A: Metal gears have a number of issues associated with them. My research shows that the Aluminum to Aluminum gears won't last. Hard anodizing will help but when that wears off the gear will wear quickly. As Aluminum ages or wears it releases Aluminum Oxide, it's very abrasive (grinding wheels are made from this stuff). My studies showed that only a hardened steel gear would meet my standards. Hardened steel gears are expensive and by the time your done swiss cheezing a steel gear (to get the weight down) it get's very expensive. I've studied the transmission failure and found the real reason the stock plastic gear was failing was shaft flexure. We've eliminated this problem, increased the face width of the gear by 65%, used a high grade of plastic with higher lubricity (less friction, less drag), and eliminated the shock load.

Q: With the Forward Only Conversion do you retain the use of the two speed
A: Yes, the 2 speed is fully functional

Q: Other than the SuperMaxx Foreward Only Conversion, what other parts are needed to make up the tranny kit?
A: Taken from TRX's web site:
     4992 - Drive gear, two-speed (17/22-teeth), slipper shaft
     4984 - Spur gear, 43-T (1st speed)
     4985 - Spur gear assembly, 38-T (2nd speed)
     4986 - Gear hub assembly, 1st, one-way bearing, snap ring
     4987 - Rings, snap (14mm) (2)
     4889 - Ball bearing (1)(10x19x5mm)
     4988 - Drive hub assembly, clutch, 6x8.5x0.5mm teflon washer (1)
     4897 - Grub screws, 4mm (6) (threadlocked)
     4472 - Spur gear (72-tooth) (32-pitch)
     4685 - Friction pegs, slipper (12)
     4622 - Pressure rings, slipper (notched) (2)
     4625 - Pressure plate, slipper (2)
     1994 - Slipper tension spring, spur gear bushing & locknut
     4967 - Brake cam (blue), cam lever, 3mm grub screw
     4966 - Brake adapter, hex aluminum (blue)
     4964 - Brake disc
     4965 - Brake pads (2), brake piston, 3x15mm cap hex screws (2)
     4612 - 5x11x4 Bearings (6 Total - three sets of 2)

Part #: Description: On-Line Store: List Price:
UE-FWD-GE1 SuperMaxx Nitro Transmission Gears & Shafts - Includes:
    10mm Face Primary Gear
    10mm Face Output Gear
    8mm Hardened Steel Primary Shaft
    8mm Hardened Steel Output Shaft
Requires Modified UE-FWD-CSE Tranny Case


UE-FWD-GE2 SuperMaxx Nitro Full Transmission Kit - Includes:
    10mm Face Primary Gear
    10mm Face Output Gear
    8mm Hardened Steel Primary Shaft
    8mm Hardened Steel Output Shaft
    Modified New Traxxas Transmission Housing


UE-FWD-GE3 SuperMaxx Nitro Transmission Gears & Shafts - Includes:
    8mm Face Primary Gear
    8mm Face Output Gear
    8mm Hardened Steel Primary Shaft
    8mm Hardened Steel Output Shaft
Will Fit In YOUR Stock Tranny Case


UE-FWD-CSE Modified New Traxxas Transmission Housing For 10mm UE-FWD-GE1 Gears  
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